Let me introduce myself…

Hi! I’m Jamie, and I refer to this site as ruminations of a Tennessee Hicks. Why? Well… let me start with the Tennessee Hicks part first.

My last name is Hicks. As far as I can tell, my family settled in Tennessee before it was Tennessee – some time in the late 1780s – and signed the petition for Tennessee’s statehood. My direct lineage lived in Tennessee until the death of My great grandfather in 1953. I moved to Tennessee forty years later. Though I was born and raised in the Carolinas, Tennessee is my home.

Rumination is defined as the act of pondering or musing on something… or something written that expresses such pondering or musing. According to the enneagram, I am a type 5. According to Myers-Briggs, I am an INTP… so pondering and musing come quite naturally to me. This site is where I get all those thoughts down on virtual paper.

Primarily, before anything else, I am a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. I am also a husband, father, worship leader, writer, teacher, coffee connoisseur, lover of the great outdoors, and many other things. But all that I am… all that I do… all that I ponder and muse about… and all that I write will flow out of my primary identity. I hope and pray that my ruminations will encourage, inform, inspire, and equip you to live a life faithfully following Jesus.

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