01/31/Su – Righteousness for All by Faith

1 Chronicles 25:1-26:11; Romans 4:11-12; Psalms 14:1-6; Proverbs 6:12-15 NT: “And he received the sign of circumcision as a seal of the righteousness that he had by faith while still uncircumcised. This was to make him the father of all who believe but are not circumcised, so that righteousness may be credited to them also.Continue reading “01/31/Su – Righteousness for All by Faith”

01/30/S – Righteousness and Deliverance by Faith

1 Chronicles 24:1-31; Romans 4:1-10; Psalms 13:5-6; Proverbs 6:6-11 NT: “What then will we say that Abraham, our forefather according to the flesh, has found? If Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about — but not before God. For what does the Scripture say? Abraham believed God, and it was credited to himContinue reading “01/30/S – Righteousness and Deliverance by Faith”

01/29/F – Just and the Justifier

1 Chronicles 23:1-32; Romans 3:23-32; Psalms 13:1-4; Proverbs 6:1-5 NT: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God; they are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. God presented him as the mercy seat by his blood, through faith, to demonstrate his righteousness, because inContinue reading “01/29/F – Just and the Justifier”

01/28/Th – Our Guilt, His Innocence. Our Sin, His Righteousness

1 Chronicles 22:1-19; Romans 3:9-22; Psalms 12:6-8; Proverbs 5:22-23 NT: “As it is written: There is no one righteous, not even one. There is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. All have turned away; all alike have become worthless. There is no one who does what is good, not evenContinue reading “01/28/Th – Our Guilt, His Innocence. Our Sin, His Righteousness”

01/26/T – Heart Matters

1 Chronicles 19:1-20:8; Romans 2:25-29; Psalms 11:7; Proverbs 5:7-14 NT: “Circumcision benefits you if you observe the law, but if you are a lawbreaker, your circumcision has become uncircumcision. So if an uncircumcised man keeps the law’s requirements, will not his uncircumcision be counted as circumcision? A man who is physically uncircumcised, but who keepsContinue reading “01/26/T – Heart Matters”

01/25/M – The Dangers of Self-Righteousness

1 Chronicles 17:16-18:17; Romans 2:12-24; Psalms 11:1-6; Proverbs 5:1-6 NT: “For all who sin without the law will also perish without the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law. For the hearers of the law are not righteous before God, but the doers of the law will beContinue reading “01/25/M – The Dangers of Self-Righteousness”