08/05/W – Engaging in the Master’s Business

Joshua 19:1-31; Luke 19:11-27; Psalms 88:1-12; Proverbs 20:22-23

NT: “As they were listening to this, he went on to tell a parable because he was near Jerusalem, and they thought the kingdom of God was going to appear right away. Therefore he said, “A nobleman traveled to a far country to receive for himself authority to be king and then to return. He called ten of his servants, gave them ten minas, and told them, ‘Engage in business until I come back.’ But his subjects hated him and sent a delegation after him, saying, ‘We don’t want this man to rule over us.’ At his return, having received the authority to be king, he summoned those servants he had given the money to, so that he could find out how much they had made in business. The first came forward and said, ‘Master, your mina has earned ten more minas.’ ‘Well done, good servant! ’ he told him. ‘Because you have been faithful in a very small matter, have authority over ten towns.’ The second came and said, ‘Master, your mina has made five minas.’ So he said to him, ‘You will be over five towns.’ And another came and said, ‘Master, here is your mina. I have kept it safe in a cloth because I was afraid of you since you’re a harsh man: you collect what you didn’t deposit and reap what you didn’t sow.’ He told him, ‘I will condemn you by what you have said, you evil servant! If you knew I was a harsh man, collecting what I didn’t deposit and reaping what I didn’t sow, why, then, didn’t you put my money in the bank? And when I returned, I would have collected it with interest.’ So he said to those standing there, ‘Take the mina away from him and give it to the one who has ten minas.’ But they said to him, ‘Master, he has ten minas.’ ‘I tell you, that to everyone who has, more will be given; and from the one who does not have, even what he does have will be taken away. But bring here these enemies of mine, who did not want me to rule over them, and slaughter them in my presence.’”” (‭‭Luke‬ ‭19:11-27‬ ‭CSB‬‬) Jesus’ parable of the minas was based on a true story that would have been familiar to the people of Jericho. In 4 BC, Herod the Great died while in Jericho and his reign was passed to his son Herod Archelaus. Before Archelaus claimed the title, he had to travel to Rome to stand before Caesar Augustus to be confirmed. During that time, there was an uprising against Archelaus where 3,000 insurrectionists were killed. Jesus didn’t equate Himself to Herod Archelaus, but He used the story to communicate some important truths. Just as Archelaus couldn’t immediately claim the title of king and immediately begin his reign, Jesus was not going to begin His reign immediately either. He first had to fulfill the Father’s will and “go away” for a while to receive His title. The parable describes two types of people who will exist during His time away: 1) His servants, and 2) His unwilling subjects. His unwilling subjects are those who reject His Lordship in one way or another – and when He returns at the end of the age to claim His inheritance, those who rejected Him will be judged guilty and condemned. His servants are those who have submitted their life to Him and become His disciples. All of His servants are given an equal task to perform while He is gone. That task is the Great Commission. Just as each of the master’s servants were given 1 mina, every disciple of Jesus is given 1 main task: to see souls saved and disciples made. The reward that Jesus’ disciples receive when He returns is based on how faithful they are to the task. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He basically told His disciples, “Engage in my business until I come back… seek out the lost, preach the gospel of the Kingdom, and make disciples of those who respond and believe.” The important question is, who are we in this parable? Are we one of His rebellious subjects? Are we a servant who is actively doing Kingdom business until Jesus returns? Are we a servant who is keeping the gospel of the Kingdom to ourselves and doing nothing to further the Lord’s purposes? My desire is to be one who makes the most of my time and multiplies the gift that has been entrusted to me.

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