08/08/S – Praise the Lord!

Joshua 21:43-22:20; Luke 20:1-8; Psalms 89:7-13; Proverbs 20:28-30

Psalms: “God is greatly feared in the council of the holy ones, more awe-inspiring than all who surround him. Lord God of Armies, who is strong like you, Lord? Your faithfulness surrounds you. You rule the raging sea; when its waves surge, you still them. You crushed Rahab like one who is slain; you scattered your enemies with your powerful arm. The heavens are yours; the earth also is yours. The world and everything in it — you founded them. North and south — you created them. Tabor and Hermon shout for joy at your name. You have a mighty arm; your hand is powerful; your right hand is lifted high.” (‭‭Psalms‬ ‭89:7-13‬ ‭CSB‬‬)

Ethan, the writer of this psalm, continued in His proclamation of praise to the Lord. “Holy ones” are the saints of God, and those that surround Him are the hosts of heaven. God is held in awe by His saints assembled on the earth, and He is held in awe by all the creatures that surround Him in heaven. As the Lord and commander of armies of angels, He is mighty like no one else – yet He is surrounded on every side by His unwavering faithfulness and steadfastness to His word. With the Lord, we can tremble in awe at His greatness, while at the same time, rest in peace because of His faithfulness. “Rahab” is a word with double meaning: it means arrogant and prideful, and it is also a poetic name for Egypt. Raging seas are also a metaphor for the nations of the world that swell up, roar, and threaten. God, in His might and faithfulness, silences the tumultuous nations and easily puts down those who would arrogantly stand against Him. As Creator and Sustainer, the entire universe is His – there is no realm that is not within His reach nor under His hand of authority. Tabor and Hermon are mountains – Hermon being the tallest mountain in the region. Even the high and majestic mountains give glory and honor to God and shout for joy at His name. As you read this description of God, does it cause your faith in God to rise? Does it cause your fear of the unknown to shrink and subside? Praise is powerful in what it does in us. Just consider how at peace we would be if we held God in awe like Ethan held God in awe. As you see the nations raging all around us… as you see politics stymied by the animosity between sides… as you see arguments and unrest all around… as you see people moved to unreasonableness and irrational behavior out of fear, know that the awesome God of the world can still all of it and bring peace to those who hold Him in awe… to His saints who trust completely in His faithful and powerful hand. Praise the Lord and be at peace.

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